PMC Anti-Spatter Nozzle Gel (PG-1)


PMC Anti-Spatter Nozzle Gel (PG-1) is a welding solution that functions for protecting the soldering spatter from burning within mig gun
nozzle and contact tips. lt is characterized by an odorless and silicon free gel. PMC Anti-Spatter Gel optimizes productivity through permitting gas metal, through GMAW (MlG) and GTAW (TlG) welding process.


Dip gun nozzles in Anti-Spatter Nozzle Gel and repeat as required. The most effective and economical PMC Anti-Spatter Gel .
a Non toxic
a Odorless
a Silicon Free
a Non flammable -. No wastage ,
a Convenient to use : Does not cause porosity
a One dip gives more life of mig nozzles gun and contact tips life
a For Mig gun nozzles, resistance welding electrodes positioned, jigs etc.


a Minimises electrode fusion to contact tip
a Ensure easy weld spatter remover
a Eliminates erratic operation
a To prevent the gas parts from blocking up.
a PMC Anti-Spatter Nozzle Gel will not clog orifices or threads


Can cause skin or eye irritation.
ln eyes : Flush with large amount of water.
lf inhaled : Remove to fresh air.
lf swallowed : lnduce vomited and seek local
medical attention.


Standard packing 300 gram in tin container.

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