M/S. P-MET HIGH –TECH COMPANY PVT. LTD. Came into existence in 1976 as a partnership firm by the name of M/S. P-MET COMPANY. Due to consistent growth and establishment of the name for the quality and for the services, it has become desirable to convert it into a Private Limited Company. Accordingly,
P-MET HIGH-TECH COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED took over the operation of M/S. P-MET COMPANY in April 1996.The Management consists of people with technical background and having experience in various fields. They manufacturer Specialty Chemicals which include Non-Destructive Testing Chemicals, Foundry Fluxes and other similar Specialty Products.The Company is imbibed to quality system and has a Quality Control Group. They have also established documentation system. Accordingly, based on the Quality Control System and Documentation System, Company has obtained approvals of their products from M/s. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., Mumbai, M/s. Indira GandhiCentre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Director General of Civil Aviation Mumbai, Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance, New Delhi, Research Designs and Standards Organization, Lucknow, etc. simultaneously , the Management had incorporated ISO-9001:2015 Quality System. P-Met is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PMC Dye Penetrant, PMC Fluxes, PMC Surfex Products, PMC Anti-Spatter Spray, Liquid Penetrant etc.



P-MET’s Management team has always adopted forward looking approach with emphasis on innovation, development, quality and service to customers which are being of prime importance for excellent governance. The innovative approach brings new process, conditions and establishes stringent quality standards and new products.

P-MET has loyal customer bases which includes Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Atomic Energy Units, Refineries, Railways, Shipyards, Defence Units, etc. P-MET has also supplied a Novel “Fluorescent Inspection System” to M/s. Air India, Mumbai recently at COD area. The system operated sucessfully with total satisfaction of Air India Personnel.



In addition to above, we have a representation in India from Sherwin Incorporation, USA, who are renowned supplier of Liquid Penetrant Products in the World including to M/s. Boeing, M/s. Airbus Industries, M/s. Martin Marietta, US Civilian Airlines, US Air Force, Aerospace Industries, M/s. Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd., Bangalore and Air India.
Mr. Sherwin also received McMaster Gold plate Award.

Furthermore, Mr. Ward Rummel, who is a highly acclaimed NDT expert in aerospace industries, is also advising us on various aspects on Liquid Penetrant Technology, its application and its system. He is involved into assisting to write various chapters in NDT handbook published by American Society for Non-Destructive Technology, USA. He has also received a highest award, McMaster Gold Plate Award from above organization as well as Lincoln Award from US Air Force for his outstanding contribution to aeronautical as well as aerospace industries.



The Company represents M/s. Sherwin Incorporation, USA, who are renowned suppliers of Liquid penetrant products in the world. Their customer list includes, The likes of Boeing, Airbus Industries, Martin Marietta, US Civilian Airlines, US Air Force, Aerospace Industries, Air India and Hindustan Aeronautics. Mr. Ward Rummel, a well-known aerospace scientist in Non-Destructive Testing field from USA, has volunteered to associate with P-MET, in appreciation of its inattentiveness, service orientation and quality management. He offers valuable advice and counsel to the Company on various aspects like systems, development and application.

Mr. Ward Rummel is a recipient of the prestigious ” McMaster Gold Medal Award ” from American Society of Non-Destructive Testing. This is in recognition of his NDT applications in aerospace industry. He has also received the ” Lincon Award ” from U S Air Force for guidance in aircraft structure mechanics. The Company supplies ” PMC ” brand Non-Destructive products to various nuclear industries, power plants, defense establishments, railways, petrochemicals plants, fabricators, fertilizer units, oil exploration companies, refineries, shipyards, metallurgical units, aviation units etc. It also supplies Non-Ferrous foundry fluxes to metallurgical units.

Thus this brief of M/s. P-MET High-Tech Co. Pvt. Ltd. describes development work, innovating approach quality system and services, etc. which brings name of this unit in Indian and International market in forefront